Law Office of Amber Griffiths | San Francisco Attorney

Knowledge of the law is the foundation of our work, and yet only part of a whole. At the Law Office of Amber Griffiths, we believe that how the law impacts your particular circumstances is what matters.  We leverage the law to create the best possible plan for you and your family.  Many people wonder whether they should buy software to put together their own estate plan. They can—but a solid, well-crafted and individually tailored estate plan by a qualified attorney prevents your hard-earned assets from being consumed by estate taxes, creditors and predators, and unnecessary probate expenses.

Estate planning with Amber Griffiths can maximize and protect what you value the most: your time, your assets, and control over your private information.  Without a well-executed estate plan, your information will be filed in the public record.  And what happens to your assets will be decided by a court, failing to reflect your deepest-held values and goals.

In addition to knowledge about the law, Amber Griffiths has a background in counseling, an invaluable resource to assist clients in clarifying and carrying out their personal and financial goals.  Amber will help you to achieve those goals while also:

  • Maximizing preservation of your assets and privacy;
  •  Avoiding release of your information to the public record;
  • Preventing erosion of assets through capital gains, estate, and income taxes;
  • Protection against potential cost of long-term care;
  • Communication of your health care decisions, and advocacy for the care you want, in the event you cannot clearly convey your wishes during a health crisis; and
  • Management of your home and other assets in event of illness or incapacity.

Amber offers a free initial consult at a time convenient to you.  Call her at 415-845-2500 to arrange a time to speak.